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Monetizing your blog with cryptocurrencies

Current internet has been dominated by huge corporations, spying on users and selling their data to the advertisement companies. Amount of ads in internet is unbearable, pushing the quality content out in favour of mass produced click baits. Adoption of crypto-based, open web monetization standards brings back hope that we can get back to creating high quality content for high quality readers. The post describes how you can monetize your content with available crypto-based payments systems.

21 Feb 2021

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How to create statically generated, serverless site with NextJS, AWS CloudFront and Terraform

A case study, where we will build a statically pre-rendered site, using NextJS, and host it in AWS Cloud, fully serverless, using CloudFront, Lambda@Edge and S3. Also, we will apply Infrastructure as Code approach by leveraging Terraform and automate deployments with Github Actions.

13 Jul 2020

Optimizing AWS Lambda

Serverless services, such as AWS Lambda, are tempting us with the promise of automated and effortless scalability. Managed serverless services are designed to easily scale to unbelievable levels, quickly adjusting to the upcoming workloads, and to run in an environment highly abstracted from the hardware underneath. All those traits make it very easy to think about the optimization of your services as a second-class citizen. After all, Lambda will just scale up when needed, so why spending time and money on optimization?

16 Dec 2019

Developing modern apps for financial markets – part 4 - Architecture and Development

The obvious truth is that sooner or later, every project has to leave the design phase and enter the creation process. But we prefer a more refined approach - in our work at GFT, development and architecture planning do not start after the design phase – instead, they both form a crucial part of the entire process, conducted in parallel with all requirement definitions and discussions. To learn how we manage to do this successfully, join me in the final part of the Developing Modern Apps for Financial Markets Series!

29 Aug 2019

Developing modern apps for financial markets – part 1

For many people at GFT, presenting and selling the company’s capabilities is part of their usual work, something they do frequently – if not daily. And that’s not only the case for professional sales teams. Job Family Leads, Delivery Managers (DM) and many other roles are heavily involved in contact with current and potential clients, building relationship with them, and promoting our skill sets.

28 Aug 2019